Intelligent Glue Binding Machine With Indentation And Auto Feeder

New patented technology ofclosing glue

The bottom glue is smoothly glued, effectively solving the problem of 

glue left behind on the sandwich table, and the book is formed more perfectly

Industriallinear front and rear dual guide structure

Industrial linearfrontand rear double guide rails, the machine runs smoothly and with less sound.

Double fan suction motor

 Good vacuum cleaning effect, less paper scraps, and improvement.

New Feeding automatic cover placement technology

Paper feeding and creasing is completed simultaneously, easy to use, save manpower and improve work efficiency.

Forward and reverse synchronized creasing function

AutomaticFiducialfeedsynchronized creasing, automatic adjustment of cover creasing width.

Automatic adjustment function

The glue roller automatically adjusts the scraping height according to the thickness ofthe binding without manual adjustment; The laminating table automatically adjusts Technical parameter the molding effect according to the thickness ofthe book binding.

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