Wood Edge Banding Machine


Equipment overview:

It is suitable for edge banding of PVC, ABS, acrylic and other edge banding strips of panel furniture door panels and cabinets, especially for the processing of workpieces with narrow board width of 35mm and above for customized furniture. It can complete straight edge banding and subsequent processing of workpieces at one time.


The frame is welded with thickened steel plate, and the platform has high horizontal accuracy after annealing treatment; The aluminum profile of guide rail is made of high-density thickened material; The electrical components are of international and domestic famous brands, and the control system is stable; It has a number of national patent technologies, tailored for the production and manufacturing of panel furniture.


Technical Parameter:

Standard plate size


Dimension of narrow plate           


Sheet thickness


Sideband thickness


Conveying speed



24 KW

Rated air pressure

0.65 MPa



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