Hot Melt Adhesive for Profile Wrapping ( APAO)



used for coating fiberboard, solid wood board, PET material, fireproof board, wood plastic, aluminum alloy and other building materials and PVC film, wood skin, paper, leather and other materials.



glue wetting material has good performance. High viscosity; Good thermal stability; Good fluidity; No wire drawing; Water boiling resistance; Moderate opening time; Excellent weather resistance;

Lujia Company also supplies EVA hot melt coating adhesive, PUR hot melt coating adhesive and APAO hot melt coating adhesive.


Store in a dry, cool place below 40ºC for 360 days.

Do not mix with other adhesives.

The hot melt glue groove must be covered tightly to prevent sundries from falling into and affecting the performance of the glue.

Since hot melt adhesive must be heated when used, personal protective equipment should be worn.

"First-in-first-use" cycle is recommended;

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